23 Reasons Why I Love Dr. Pepper

I’ve signed up to be in Dr. Pepper’s fan club twice now, and they have yet to accept me. I am disheartened by this because I am the biggest Dr. Pepper fan I know. Literally someone GAVE me a Dr. Pepper to make me feel better one time. I drink Dr. Pepper every day, if I am sad I indulge in 2. In my Facebook bio it says, “Living life one Dr. Pepper at a time.” In my forever home there will be a room dedicated to Dr. Pepper, and it will be locked so I can be the only one who can access it. For my 21st birthday I only want Dr. Pepper things, candy, merch, you name it, I want it. There’s a Dr. Pepper sticker on my laptop. I’ve taken pictures with Dr. Pepper cans. I like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. One time when I was 7, I literally CRIED because someone drank all of the Dr. Pepper. If this doesn’t prove my love and dedication to the soda, then maybe 23 reasons as to why I love Dr. Pepper will. One reason per iconic flavor.

  1. It’s refreshing

  2. More refreshing than lemonade or water

  3. It’s perfectly balanced

  4. The sweetness is balanced out with the fruitiness, it is truly magnificent.

  5. It’s unique like me.

  6. It doesn’t taste like any generic soda that can be replicated, it is a one of a kind

  7. It tastes good even when flat.

  8. I’ve fallen asleep while drinking Dr. Pepper, the following morning I would drink it and it still tasted really good.

  9. It has 23 unique and different flavors!

  10. It's genius and they all work heavenly together

  11. The logo is TIMELESS!

  12. It's not overly sweet!

  13. This is perfect because it still satisfies my sweet tooth without giving me a cavity

  14. It makes me happy!

  15. Whenever I'm sad, I drink a Dr. Pepper and I am happier!

  16. It has the perfect amount of caffeine

  17. Not enough to keep you awake at night, but enough to get you rolling through the afternoon

  18. It gives me inspiration

  19. If I am experiencing a writer’s block, I drink a Dr. Pepper and the ideas start flowing

  20. Their soda cans always look good!

  21. Whether it’s representing a new Marvel movie, college football season, or rocking the classic logo. The cans always look Instgrammable

  22. It''s the perfect soda to complement any food!

  23. Eating something a little salty, drink a Dr. Pepper and balance it out with sweetness. Eating something a little too sweet, drink a Dr. Pepper and balance it out with fruitiness. It is legitimately the perfect drink!

  24. The amount of carbonation is perfection

  25. Sometimes sodas are all bubbles and that can ruin the flavor and overall experience. That has never happened with a Dr. Pepper in the bottle or canned form. In Dr. Pepper, the bubbles add to the experience instead of taking away from it.

  26. Dr. Pepper gets rid of any bad taste in your mouth

  27. Have you ever eaten something so nasty that it sickens you to keep the flavor in your mouth? For me, water spreads the flavor around making it worse. Dr. Pepper never fails to get rid of any nasty taste and makes my tastebuds happy!

  28. It reminds me of a better time.

  29. I started drinking Dr. Pepper when I was 7 years old. I remember my first can like it was yesterday. Back then, I did not give a single thought as to what people thought of me. I did my own thing, I was myself, and I had a ton of fun. That’s something that I need to work on again. Drinking Dr. Pepper brings me back to that time where I was genuinely happy all of the time, and I was having fun with my life. It inspires me to get back to that point by taking the necessary actions and stuff!

  30. Dr. Pepper is a leader for all sodas

  31. One of the key principles in being a leader is to challenge the process. Dr. Pepper challenges the process of typical soda0making by flawlessly incorporating 23 different flavors into its soda. Other brands struggle with doing more than 1!

  32. Dr. Pepper helps me when I am sick!

  33. If I’m sick or my allergies are making my post-nasal drip and sore throat flare-up (we love allergy season), I drink a Dr. Pepper and I feel better!

  34. Dr. Pepper is fun to say!

  35. Dr. Pepper has cool flavorings in it.

  36. Anywhere from my personal favorite of licorice to things like caramel and lemon!

  37. Dr. Pepper bottles are great!

  38. I feel like a lot of soda brands’ bottles are generic, but Dr. Pepper’s bottles are unique in the best way possible!

  39. It tastes good at any temperature

  40. Ice cold, hot, room temperature, or over ice. It tastes good at any temperature!

  41. Other flavors rock too!

  42. I feel like when sodas branch off into new flavors, they tend to suck! Not the case with Dr. Pepper. All of their flavors are special and extraordinary. Outside of the original, I love the Cherry flavor!

  43. Have I mentioned it's delicious? Because it is.

Evidently, I am a fan of Dr. Pepper. I am not kidding, when I say it is my favorite thing on the planet, as I am a self-claimed Dr. Pepper connoisseur. If you know me, then you know that I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I am not kidding when I say it’s going to be what I am drinking during my future wedding. Who else would go through the lengths of finding 23 CREATIVE reasons as to why Dr. Pepper is the best soda on the planet? ME! To people at Dr. Pepper, sponsor me, let me in the fan club, and/or follow me on my social media!

K DeBois

@dayswithdebois on Instagram

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