A Year Since Graduating College

First of all, how has it been almost a year since I’ve graduated college. What the heck? .

Honestly I never imagined what life would be like post college. It always seemed like this abstract thing to me, so I never could imagine it. Here I am living it, and it’s been weird.

This past year, my primary focuses have been grad school and work. I want to set myself up for professional success, and along the way I’ve learned a lot about adulting and life in general.

The first thing is that I can’t compare myself to people. I am the only me on this earth. There is no one else like me on this earth. I am the only person that has my exact weaknesses and strengths. People may have similar ones, but none exactly like mine. I’ve fallen into the trap of comparing myself to others, and I know better. It’s why I don’t post on Instagram for validation because I know deep down that I would be comparing myself to others. Sometimes it’s just a bit inevitable that I do this because it’s been a habit of mine for so long. On those days, I have to focus on what matters I have to get out of my head and realize how great I am. Is it hard? Yes, but it’s important that I do it.

The second thing (arguably the hardest/most important) is that patience is a virtue. I wish things would happen as I do them. I know that’s unrealistic, but waiting for things is not fun. After a while, I got back into walking and now I want my covid weight to come off. It’s taking its sweet, sweet time to come off. I’m trying to eat healthier, do all of the things, but things take time. Also, good things come to those who wait and frankly that’s true. One doesn’t get better at things over night, and the best results come after a lot of practice. Think about it, has any masterpiece of art come after 5 minutes of working on it? No. That’s what I’m telling myself. I have to work on things and I have to be patient throughout the process.

The third thing (not final, but the final one for this blog post) is that I have to be confident in myself. I have to believe in who I am, understand that I am a rockstar, and hold myself accountable to that. It’s hard to do this, especially on the days where all I do is compare myself to others. Also, In order to understand how epic I am, I have to learn about myself as an adult. That entails getting out of my apartment and doing things such as trying new restaurants and bookstores and activities. I have to be a human and I cannot be a hermit crab in my apartment even though that’s what I want to do. When I do these things, I realize how awesome I am, but I need to do it more often. I need to learn about me post college because the real world isn’t really similar to college. It’s very different and harder.

I’ve learned so many more lessons than these 3, but these are the ones that I can confidently take away from this year. I can apply these lessons to every aspect of my life.

Thanks for reading this blog post after not posting for like 6 months. I’ll post whenever I post again.

K DeBois

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