Accepting My Inner “Gretel”

I’ve been doing a lot of accepting lately. Accepting who I am, accepting gifts (it was Christmas season everyone), accepting life lessons, but one thing that I’ve avoided accepting was my inner “Gretel”. Well, it’s time that I actually accept that I do have an inner “Gretel”. This will seem odd to anyone who isn’t in on this joke.

Last year, I was hanging out with my friends from my sophomore floor and I was having a conversation with one of them. Let’s call this person Bobette for the sake of the story. Bobette and I would talk about names and if our names “fit” who we are as people. Personally, I think I fit into a Katie/Kathryn, but Bobette disagreed. She told me that the name Gretel was more suited towards my personality. I asked why, and Bobette told me that I give off old lady vibes. Initially I was outraged by this, so much so that I polled my Instagram followers asking if I looked like a “Gretel”. It was pretty evenly split, and that just made me even more annoyed. I refused to let Bobette be right about this because I wanted to be young. I am not an old lady. This joke would linger on my floor for the rest of the school year, and whenever the topic names came up Bobette would always say my name should be Gretel.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that I do have an inner “Gretel”. I have an inner old lady in me that yearns to be let out. Not only am I old-fashioned when it comes to fashion (I love a good cardigan), but I am the worst at keeping up with the trends. I don’t really use slang, like I still use “chill” as slang. I don’t actively use Tik-Tok, I’ve never been one to look up memes unless they pop up on my Facebook, I actively use Facebook more than I use Instagram, I am learning to crochet, and I appreciate when I can go to bed before 10 pm. Yeah, I am an old lady at heart.

This isn’t a bad thing. I have an old soul and I find that to be charming for everyone involved. I find that I enjoy the simpler things in life. If I am not in on a certain trend, I don’t care. Honestly there are other things in life to worry about, such as who will win Peter’s heart on The Bachelor.

So what, I am a “Gretel”, old ladies can still have fun. There’s a reason why they’re always smiling in those ads for the assisted living places. It’s because they’re having fun being old and enjoying whatever time they have left. I want to do that! Where’s my motorized golf-cart? I am ready to people’s feet over with it on “accident”.

K (Gretel) DeBois


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