Bye Bye Fall Semester of Junior Year

My fall semester of junior year is finally over and all I have to say is GOOD RIDDANCE! This semester was a lot. I feel like I can write a whole novel on this semester alone because so much has happened. Instead of doing that, I am going to share my Top 10 favorite moments of the semester.

1. Get lost in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania in the middle of the night!

This might sound odd, but the day this happened I was having a rough day. I called up my friend and she decided to take me to Wendy's, pay for my Frosty (it was my first one), and then we drove around for hours. She would let me pick whether we went left or right and as we were on this adventure, we got lost in Amish-Country in Pennsylvania. On this road trip, her car started to make weird noises and there were two things to be afraid about. The first one being in a dead car in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. The second being the fact that I had no idea where we were. My friend was determined to get back to campus without using GPS, and we managed to do that. It was crazy, but it will always be one of my favorite college memories.

2. Get free cheesecake (twice)!

My best friend made me a cheesecake right after my birthday. That cheesecake was literally life changing. 2 months later, my roommate made me a cheesecake and both were heavenly.

3. Finally start accepting who I am.

This was a process. It’s hard to write about now because it’s still a fresh wound and there’s a lot that went into me getting to this place. Once I’ve healed and once I can express all of the events leading up to it without feeling any sort of pain, I will gladly write a blog post about it. It probably won’t happen anytime soon though, and my creative brain is thinking about turning this era of my life into a series. Who knows?

4. Get accepted into 2 amazing programs!

I am an early decision candidate for a teacher program. It’s awesome and I will write about it more in the future. The other thing I got accepted to was my study abroad program for Australia. I leave soon-ish and I am so excited to spend 2 weeks in Queensland Australia and to start exploring the world.

5. Start therapy!

It’s okay to be not be okay. I love therapy a whole lot and it has made me a better person. A lot has happened this past semester, and while I don’t feel comfortable talking about it now. Someday, I will because this past semester has changed me as a person, and I want to share that journey with you guys in the future. It probably won’t happen for a while, so I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Therapy has helped me cope and go through everything. It's why I recommend therapy to anyone and everyone. I wrote about the whole reason as to why I started therapy in this blog post, so go check that out if you want a good read.

6. Get roasted by the students in Geology Department

A beautiful thing to being in such a small department on campus and having a communal space is that you get to know everyone in it. You become a family and you get close with people as you're struggling in all of the same classes. One night during finals week, all of us were studying in our student lounge and we decided to just start roasting each other. We had a roast count, and by the end of the night I had been roasted over 12 times. It was the best night of Finals week.

7. Watch Frozen for the first time

One night I was hanging out with my friends, and we just decided to watch Frozen. Let me tell you, Frozen is so empowering, amazing, and by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. I am ashamed to admit that I waited literally 6 years to see it because my life could've been transformed so long ago.

Me immersed in Frozen

8. Teach my first lesson to a real high school class

This was a special day for me. Making a full lesson plan from concept to presentation and doing it so it fits within a certain time frame was difficult, but fun. I had to do learning activities and check-ins. I had to be interactive, engaging, and informative while simplifying something that I have a lot of knowledge in to 9th graders, and had to fit that in within a certain time frame. That was hard, but when I went into my placement and did my lesson it was the best experience of my life. I felt invincible and I felt like I could do anything as a teacher. It's one of the many pieces of proof how I know that being a teacher is my purpose in life.

9. Make more friends within my academic fields

My major is a unique major as it puts me into a 2 different fields that don't need a lot of overlap. It's been hard to make friends who have similar interests in terms of academia because of this. Now that I am in the nitty gritty of my major, I have now met and become friends with people from the geology aspect to my major and the education aspect to my major as well. It's been a really cool experience.

10. Go to a Charity Event back home

Every year, the nonprofit that I work for hosts a walk as a huge fundraising event. This year, I had the ability to go back and see my old co-workers and campers. It was the best event because we raised a lot of money for this nonprofit, I got to see my co-workers again, I got to catch up and to see some of my amazing campers again.

There you have it! Here are my 10 favorite moments from this semester. There are a lot of other moments that were cool too. I am grateful for those as well, but these 5 events will always be the stand outs from this semester. Either these events led to something even more impactful or they were impactful themselves.

What are your top 10 moments from this past semester? Let me know in my most recent post on Instagram, @dayswithdebois

K DeBois

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