How I've Managed To Write A Full Novel

One of my favorite facts about myself is that I have written a rough draft of a novel. Yup, I have a 263-page rough draft of a novel that I wrote during the first half of my freshman year of college. The following summer I started my second book and then I had to take a pause on that book. It was a whole what if scenario that took place 2 years from the time that I wrote it, and I didn’t want to write it anymore because my life was filled with uncertainties. Now I am writing my third book and I am excited for it. If I were to publish any of these books, it would be this one.

Whenever I tell someone that I have written a full-length book, they always manage to give me this look of shock. I never understood why they give me this look because I don’t find it impressive that I have managed to write a book. In fact, the circumstances that caused me to write a full book rather pathetic. I am still proud of the fact that I did manage to write one and now it’s a goal of mine to publish a book and have it become a New York Times Bestseller. People always ask me how and I want to share the answer to that question.

2 years ago, I started my first book and it was all based on a what if that I’ve wondered ever since I could remember. The question was “what if I met my soulmate?” Then I was able to craft this elaborate story around it. I was able to base the book on my life on the time and attempt to predict what I wanted my future to be like. At the time I just started college, so the question was “what if I met my soulmate in college?” I wrote about what I wanted my ideal college experience to be like. Spoiler alert, it did not turn out that way at all. As of the moment I am writing this, I am still single and am doubtful about whether or not I have met my soulmate.

Regardless, I had this vivid image in my brain, and I was able to envision my life. I was able to think in detail of the guy, his characteristics and so on. The vision was in my brain, the only logical thing to do was to get it out onto a word document. If you have a vision, that’s the easy part. If the vision changed a little bit, I wrote it into the plot line, and I was able to tweak it to my liking. For me, it wasn’t hard.

The next question people always manage to ask is how I found the time to write a full book while in college. Well here’s the thing, during my freshman fall, I did not take my RA’s advice. I did not get involved in things on campus. All I did was the leadership program and I started writing for Odyssey. My courses weren’t that hard and didn’t require that much work, so I had a lot of free time. Initially a lot of that free time went to hanging out with my friends that I had made within the first week of college. Over the course of the semester, I started to drift apart from that friend group, and I spent a lot of time away from these people. All the time that I would have been spending with my friends was spent writing. This book that I worked so long on became my escape from the world. I stayed in my dorm and wrote all of the time. I would see some of the friends that weren’t my core group for dinner or lunch, but those moments were few and far between. I am not a fan of the party scene either, which gave me that much more time to work on this book.

It was a rather lonely time for me. This book enabled me to place myself in a world that didn’t feel so alone. It became my escape. I was able to think about happier moments and write about them. That’s the reason why I was able to stay committed to the book. A few of my friends wanted to read the book after I got to a certain checkpoint and they raved about it. This gave me confidence, and my motivation was fueled by this.

Writing became my favorite pastime during this era in my life because when I write, I feel like I am escaping from the outside world. It’s great feeling this way. When I am stressed, I write and if I am working on a book I work on the book. If I have a blog post to write, I write that. There’s always something for me to write because it is part of the reason why I have managed to keep my sanity.

I write books to escape and put myself in a better world. It is my favorite way to de-stress. That’s how I manage and find the time to write books.

Okay, well that was this week’s blog post. Thank you for reading it, I hope you liked it. It was nice writing about this type of stuff. I will post next week, until then be sure to follow @dayswithdebois on Instagram to see what I am up to during the week!

K DeBois

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