I Accept Change

Change. It’s a big word that has a lot of meaning and it means something different for everyone and every scenario it is in. This word has a lot of power and it can scare or excite people. I’ve been scared by it before. As I’ve grown up and have gone through college, I’ve learned that I can’t be scared of change. I have to embrace and accept it because it has become a constant factor in my life in the best ways possible.

I’ve struggled with change before. When I was a junior in college, I attributed a lot of my struggles to all of the changes that were going on in my life. Nearly every aspect of my life had changed going from my sophomore year of college into my junior year. That mixed with a lot of other things, ked me to not doing well emotionally and mentally. At the time, my definition of “normal” was how my life was during my sophomore year of college. To me that was comfortable and what I imagined normal feeling like. I overcome the challenges and the struggles that I experienced my junior fall, but there was a side of me that was a side of me that wanted to go back to how my life was my sophomore year of college. All until I had a conversation with my best friend about wanting life to go back to normal before it fell apart. My best friend asked me, well what’s normal? I gave a bad answer, and my best friend knows me better than anyone. I tell them everything, and my best friend knew that my definition of “normal” wasn’t good for me. Because of that, they challenged me on my logic. It was in that moment where I began to realize that change is likely a good thing for me and a lot of other things. That conversation inspired me to start thinking about change differently, where maybe I would embrace change instead of avoiding it.

After that conversation, I began to reflect on my old normal, and the growth that I had made since that point. I hated the person I was during my definition of normal. I still hate that version of myself. I wasn’t honest with myself; I was insecure, I was dependent on other people for literally everything imaginable. It was an ugly phase of my life. I had made so much growth in the span of my junior fall. I realized then that the changes that I was going through led to the growth that I experienced. The changes may have been hard in the moment, but they led to something incredible and something special. My version of normal didn’t, and I wasn’t truly happy in that world. That led me to this epiphany that I don’t want to go back to that sense of normal, ever.

Ever since that point, my life has been constantly changing in one way or the other, and I have been embracing it. Either through this pandemic, through me exploring more of my passions, and right now I am at a stage in life where things are in a state of constant change. I am a college senior in a pandemic, where I will be graduating in literally days from posting this. Within a few weeks, I am about to move to a brand-new city and start grad school. Then in a couple of months, I will be starting my career. Literally, I am about to embark on the biggest change of my life so far.

There are moments when I freak out about this because there are so many unknowns. I have never been to the city I am moving too, and I know absolutely no one in that city. I am going to embrace it and find ways to meet people because it’s life. People change and go through changes all of the time.

Change can be scary, if you look at it in the way “I am leaving everything I know, I am walking into the unknown where I probably fail and be all alone.” Bluntly speaking, that’s a terrible mindset. I’ll admit it, I’ve had this mindset before, and it has only led to me being more scared and miserable. Instead, my mindset has shifted and changed. Now it’s, “I am leaving everything I know, but I am leaving with a lot of lessons and priceless life experiences that I will use. I have an epic support system who will still be there for me when I want and need them. I am going to meet more people and start my dream career as a teacher. Yes, there a lot of unknowns and inevitable challenges, but I can take anything and everything that comes my way. Whatever happens is supposed to happen, and I will make the most of it.” Yes that mindset is longer, but it’s a way better one that’s still honest and encompasses a lot of things about change.

Change is inevitable for everyone. Seasons change, times change, and almost everything else does too. We can either deny it and run from it, or we can accept it and run to it. I believe that if we accept it, we can grow and make progress within ourselves and in our society. Thus, I choose to accept change in every aspect of my life. What about you?

Kathryn DeBois


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