I Am Not Alone In How I Feel, Nor Are You

One thing that I’ve learned in my life is that I am not alone when I am going through my struggles. That may seem weird, but it’s true. A lot of people are going through similar things whether it’s insecurity about your bodies, disliking someone, doubt over something, and the list goes on. One of the many reasons as to why I started writing for Odyssey and my blog is to share my life and to emphasize this. I never know who may come across one of my posts. It might be someone who I’ve never met before, and they might relate to almost every word I wrote in that post. This simple post might make this person feel less alone and feel that other people understand what they are going through.

Feeling like nobody can relate to you sucks. There are some days where life can be an uphill battle, and facing that battle alone makes it a lot harder. It's not knowing if life will be better after this struggle and the fear that it instills in you. That is scary and it is hard to experience.

For the longest time, I never opened up about what I was struggling with. I always kept it to myself, put on a fake face that I was fine to the world. About a year and a half ago, I wrote about something that was going on in my life. It was something that I was bottling up and the feelings that I felt weren’t escaping my brain. I did what I did best, and I wrote them out into an Odyssey article that never got shared. The article was about nobody thinking of me and it related to how people always put others above myself. I felt that I was never the first thought that came to peoples’ brains when it came to anything fun, social, or not school-related. I felt that I was an afterthought and that people only took advantage of me because I am nice. I still feel this way sometimes, but that’s for another time. Point is, I wrote this article up and I had to read it to someone because even though it was on paper, it still bothered me. I didn’t feel like it fully got off my chest. A friend of mine at the time is a good person, and I read it to them. After I read this article, they told me that they related to what I wrote. This was a bonding moment for me and this person, and this small interaction made me feel less alone.

I know it’s crazy, but when people tell you that they relate to you or you relate to someone via a post on social media, it makes you feel oddly good. It sucks that someone else is going through what you’re going through, BUT at least someone is there to be there for you and they understand sort of what’s going on in your brain. I will never forget a moment where I felt like someone related to me on what I was going through. When I connect to someone via a struggle, it oddly builds a great foundation for friendship. That person whom I read the article too and I built a friendship after that.

Point is, I wasn’t alone in feeling only second place and I am not alone in how I feel in a lot of other things. I remember ranting to someone about how I felt in a car ride home once, and they told me that they related to me on everything. It’s surreal when it happens, and this doesn’t solely happen to me. It happens to everyone. Basically, you are not alone in how you feel when you’re going through something difficult, there is someone out there that relates to you. You just have to do a scary thing in trusting someone to open up, but when you do, you will be shocked by how many people relate to you. Trust me.

I want all of my readers to know that I am ALWAYS going to be here for you guys. If you need someone to talk to, I am here and my Instagram DMs are open to everyone who needs to talk. They are a safe space and I am here to try to help.

K DeBois

@dayswithdebois on Instagram

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