I Have A Passport, So Now What?

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

The day has arrived, the day that I am so excited to share with everyone! I officially have a passport. Honestly, this is a big deal for me because this is the first thing on my bucket list. Now I get to cross it off and I am so happy about that.

Getting a passport wasn’t super difficult, it just required a lot of paperwork and going to the Post Office. It does cost some money, but it’s not super expensive. I think I spent around maybe $200. When you think about the costs of traveling and stuff, it’s not that much. If anything, the process was tedious because you have to have specific forms and all the right files, and it differs for everyone.

Now I have a passport and I am excited. This passport is so much more than a book filled with pages. This passport means a lot to me. It is the start to my journey of traveling the world and seeing where I can go. The first place I am going to is Australia. What’s after that? I don’t know and only time will tell.

Traveling the world is something that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I went on my service trip. This trip took me off the East Coast for the first time and since then, I’ve had this curiosity to travel the world. My whole mantra when it comes to this stuff is if I want to change the world, I should probably see part of it first. Well, that’s what I am going to do now.

I am going to see different parts of the world. I am going to explore different cultures. I am going to be making priceless memories. Whether I travel alone or with some friends, all I know is that I am excited to see the beautiful scenery that our world has to offer in real life. Pictures don’t give you that awe feeling when you see something magnificent but seeing something magnificent in real life does.

Before this, not having a passport was a limiting factor. Now, I don’t have anything holding me back. I can break free and I can explore my interests around the world. If I wanted to, I actually could live my dream life and live out of a suitcase traveling the world. I won’t do that because I have other dreams that I would rather pursue, but I could do that now that I have a passport. It is mind blowing to me.

I have a passport, so now I am off to explore the world.

K DeBois

@dayswithdebois on Instagram

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