I Lived Without A Computer For 10 DAYS

Technology always finds a way to test my patience and have it expand in ways I didn’t think were possible. From December 31st, 2019 to January 9th, 2020 I did not have a computer. Yup, I did not have a computer for 10 whole days.

Back in November 2019, my “t” key fell off and it was right around finals season. I couldn’t risk not having a laptop so I texted my guy friend asking what I should do and he told me to wait until I got home from break to fix my computer. I did just that. I was on vacation in Florida, backed up my computer onto a portable hard drive thing and took it into the Apple Store in Florida. They told me that they couldn’t fix it by the time I left Florida because they didn’t have the part they needed, so they contacted the Apple Store that was in a mall nearby and saw if they could fix it. Turns out this store back in my mall could. December 31st, I came home from Florida and went straight to the Apple Store. They took in my computer and said that it would be ready within 7-10 days.

When I heard that time frame, I freaked out. I live on my computer. I do homework, leisure, work, and so much more. I spend nearly all of my time on my computer, so being without it for a day is hard, 10 days was a tough pill to swallow. The only thing I could do was accept it. However, I was going to be leaving for my study abroad for Australia January 10th, so there was no room for error. The people at the Apple Store were understanding, and took my computer.

4 days later, I get an email from the Apple Store saying that my computer was ready. I go to the Apple Store, sign away my computer, and take it home. I start using my computer and I notice that there was a crack on the bottom right corner of my screen. That crack wasn’t there when I dropped off my computer. I freaked out and called Apple, and the store I had originally gone too didn’t have the part to fix the problem they created for me. I had to go a different store, and in order to get my computer back to me in time I had to go to the store the first thing the following morning. That next morning, I go to the Apple Store and I anxiously hand in my computer to the genius bar. They told me that I will get it by the end of the day of January 9th, but they told me my pick up date was the day before.

January 8th comes and goes, and I still don’t have an email saying my computer is ready from this new store. January 9th, arises and it is now 2 pm I am beginning to freak out about not having a laptop for my study abroad. I call the Apple Store. They told me that the repair they tried to do on my laptop was unsuccessful and that they were going to give me a new computer. That is amazing. Immediately I race to the Apple Store to pick up my brand-new computer. I thought that I was going to get the same exact computer in the same exact year. My computer was a 2017 MacBook Pro with all of the certain specs and stuff. They gave me a 2019 MacBook Pro, that was better and faster. When I pick up my computer, I ask the person what went wrong during the repair since it seemed so simple. Apparently, this other store that originally had my computer broke an important part and other parts to my laptop and TRIED to hide it. The new store tried fix everything, but it ended up being too much to handle within the short-ish time frame they had. Yeah, the Genius Bar broke my computer and tried to hide it. They didn’t do a good job considering I had a cracked screen and freaked out about it.

Getting a new computer was so worth the wait, but 10 days without a computer was hard. I watched a lot of Netflix, wrote a lot in a notebook, and waited. I wasn’t able to fully relax because I couldn’t because I was missing something that I love so much. I treat my laptop like it would be my child, I am careful with it, I treat it with a lot of care and respect. I do everything on my laptop and I truly felt that I was missing a piece of me. Literally on the car ride home from the new Apple Store, I buckled in my laptop. I couldn’t risk anything.

Setting up my laptop is another story, but I messed up while doing so and I didn’t get to use my computer until 10 pm that night. It was rough and I am so lucky to have a computer now, but these 10 days taught me patience and what life was like before a laptop. Honestly, I give anyone that had to go to college before laptops were around mad props. I couldn’t do it.

To the Apple Store that BROKE my computer, bye. To the Apple Store that gave me a new one, I LOVE YOU, thank you for giving me my child equivalent back.

K DeBois

@dayswithdebois on Instagram

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