I Love Thanksgiving

It is November 2nd, that means that it’s time for the official countdown to Thanksgiving. Yeah, I said it Thanksgiving is near. It is my favorite holiday.

For the past 2 days, I’ve seen how November 1st becomes “Christmas Season”. People forget about the amazing Thanksgiving and that should not be the case. In my opinion, Thanksgiving is the best and most important holiday for many reasons.

It’s the best holiday because the food, the family, and the gratitude. The food is delicious. All of the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and more. That’s only the entrees. Think about it, we all have that favorite side dish that someone in our family makes so well. That same side dish brings back all of the good memories and just makes you feel warm inside. Mine is my uncle’s mashed potatoes. Those are so good and so perfect. Nothing can mess them up.

That brings me to my next point. The family is a critical part to Thanksgiving. My extended family is awesome. I adore spending time with them because it’s something that I don’t get to do often. Thanksgiving the one time in the year where all of us get together and I see them. It’s fun seeing these people.

With family there’s all of these inside jokes and special moments. Each family has their own. One the running ones in mine is to not let the olives sit out at the table or else me and my brother would eat all of them. Another one is my uncle making a ridiculous toast about someone traveling. These and so many more.

I am so grateful for my family. 2019 has been a rough ride. My family has proven to be there for me time and time again. Thanksgiving forces us to show us gratitude and while 2019 has been rough, I have a lot to be grateful for.

I am grateful for my friends. They truly are special people who have been there for me and have made me laugh on days when I needed it most. Without them, college would be the worst place on earth. I could write a lot more about this.

I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had this year, the successes I’ve had, and so much more.

All of this and more are some of the reasons why I love Thanksgiving. It is truly the best holiday.

Until next time everyone! I will post when I post next. Be sure to follow @dayswithdebois on Instagram.

K DeBois

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