I Want To Be A Superhero!

When you were growing up, have you ever wanted to be something that was literally impossible to become? At the time I was growing up, Wizards of Waverly Place was a popular show, so I remember wanting to become a wizard and have magical powers like the characters on the show. The movie Sky High was popular as well, and I remember dreaming I had superpowers so I could become a superhero like the characters in the movie.

My desire to become a superhero never went away. To this day, I think about what superpowers I would have if they were possible. I want to have telekinesis and telepathy because it’s the perfect blend of defense and offense. My name would be Tele-Kat and I would always be on a mission to save the world. The bad guys wouldn’t stand a chance against me. Clearly, I still want to become a superhero. However, I’ve realized that I am on track to become one.

Superheroes don’t need superpowers and real “regular” people can be superheroes. It just depends on the career path they go on. Firemen, cops, doctors, nurses, teachers, therapist, people who are active in the military, and more are all superheroes. Anyone who pursues a career in one of these paths truly help make this world a better place and that is what being a superhero is all about.

Doctors and nurses (anyone in the medical field) literally save lives every day. Whether it’s a nurse giving a patient medication or a doctor doing this life-saving surgery. They are a superhero because sick people need them to live and survive. After going to the doctors way too much this past year, I can say that I am grateful for everyone who pursues a career in the medical field because they are one of the many pieces of proof that not all heroes wear capes.

People who physically put their lives on the line for us everyday like firefighters, cops, and people in the military are superheroes without capes. People who risk their lives for strangers to ensure their safety are heroic. It requires a special breed of person to want to do this as a career for the rest of their lives and I am so grateful for those people.

Therapists are heroes for people struggling with mental health. It’s no secret that I am in therapy this semester and I love it. I didn’t appreciate therapists until going to one and that’s because I didn’t understand how helpful they are to people. Literally talking to a third party who’s an expert in mental health and in giving advice has been so helpful. Every time I leave therapy, I feel more mature and happier. My therapist challenges me in ways that my friends don’t, and she gives me advice that is so brilliant. All therapists are heroes because they are people who create this judgement free zone and safe space for people to express their deep problems. When there is that environment, it does wonders and it helps out so much. A therapist can save someone’s life by just being there and listening to someone talk for an hour. That’s what superheroes do.

Teachers save lives, change the world, and so much more. In the classroom, teachers are role models and lead by example. They make the classroom a safe space for the 30 students in that room and these people can explore the subject their learning and anything related to it. This is powerful especially for students who get bullied either in the hall, online, on the bus, or any combination of these ways. Sometimes students feel that their teachers are the only people who genuinely care about them and it can make a big impact on their life.

I want to be a teacher and me pursuing a career in teaching allows me to become a superhero someday. I’m going to be a superhero without the cool cape, superhero name, or superpowers. That’s fine though because I still have all of those things in my heart.

All of these professions are heroic. The people in them are superheroes to so many people. It’s just that none of them wear capes. I want to be like one of these people.

Me practicing my superhero ways.

K DeBois

@dayswithdebois on Instagram and Twitter

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