It's Okay To Take A Mental Health Day

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Exhaustion, stressed, defeated, unmotivated, impatient, anxious, sad, are all feelings that can tear someone down. These are all feelings that can affect the way someone acts at work, around loved ones, at school, everywhere. Life is hard and everyone eventually feels one or more of these emotions to the point where they need a break. However, I feel that we live in a society where people don’t feel comfortable taking that break. I feel that we constantly have to be striving to get that A, to get that promotion, to do more and to do better. We can’t take a break or else someone will take that position or spot that we believe that we deserve.

I am here to tell you that it is okay to take a mental health day. It’s okay to take a day and do nothing all day long. We don’t need to be working our butts off 24/7 when all we feel is dead inside. In fact, it’s not healthy to do that. It’s counterproductive and we do more harm than good on those days. After being in college for 2 years, I can say that I have needed those days to relax and go on a hike or to sit on my bed and watch Netflix all day. I did it and I’ve learned that it’s okay to do so. Life gets hard and overwhelming. I wish life was easy, but the greatest things in life don’t come easily. They take hard work and they take time. It’s frustrating and it’s okay to take a break along the way.

During my fall semester of my sophomore year, there was a week where I had 3 exams in one week and it was a rough week. The week prior I had an exam in another class and the week after I had another exam in a different class. I had 3 weeks of exams back to back, all of them were hard. I didn’t feel that I could take a break until those exams were taken. It was draining and after that third week I remember feeling deflated. I remember telling myself to never take 17 credits again (nope did it for the following 2 semesters). I remember craving a break. However, I felt that I couldn’t because I stretched myself so thin that I had a lot of other commitments to focus on during the weekends. When I wasn’t studying for an exam, doing homework for a class, I was doing something for a club I was in. I wasn’t really taking any me time and I had to put in my calendar to take a mental break. Those 1 hour long breaks were only band-aids to what I needed, which was a day off.

I needed a day to do nothing and I didn’t get that luxury until I had a snow day and campus was closed. It was the best thing to have happened to me because it was right before Thanksgiving break, and I ate pizza with my friends. I was able to focus on me for a day and I remember writing in my journal for hours. I learned on this day that sometimes we need to take a mental health day. All will be okay, and all will come together it just takes time.

If you’re overworking yourself and you sense that you’re burning out, please take a mental health day. Treat yourself, love yourself, your mental health is important. Take a day to do whatever makes you happy and to relax. It’s okay to take one because it will lead to a great sense of happiness and that will have a long-lasting impact, which will lead to success. Trust me.

K DeBois


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