My Dream To Move Out West

Right now, right in this moment, I have this urge to travel and see the world. If I could do anything for the rest of my life and never have to worry about money, I would live out of a suitcase and see the world. I would do this in a heartbeat, and I would go around documenting my adventures. I would go and teach the world and I would hopefully travel to every country in the world. All for fun and I would spend months in these countries so I can learn about the culture by genuinely immersing myself in it. In a dream world, I would do this for the rest of my life. However, I know that it’s unrealistic and there are other things that I value highly that would interfere with this dream.

With that, I still have another dream that would still get this urge to travel out of me. Someday, I want to live out in California. After living in New York, going to school in Delaware, and visiting Florida quite a bit, I want to experience another coast and another world. California is a state that is so appealing to me for a lot of reasons, and a big part of me wants to explore these reasons.

California is diverse not only in its culture, but with respect to Geology. As an Earth Science Education major, I take all of the core Geology classes with the Geology majors. I learn a lot about rocks, and one thing that we learn about is the Geology around the world. California is diverse geologically speaking because it has a lot of “foreign” rocks that aren’t naturally made on the tectonic plate that North America lies on. There are a lot of theories about this, but the one that seems to be the most accurate is that California was once part of another plate that crashed into the North American plate. It’s theorized to be why California’s beaches are relatively rockier compared to the beaches on the East Coast. This may seem boring to you, and frankly I don’t blame you, but to me this is so fascinating. California is captivating to me because one of my secret loves is the science behind beaches. I just find them interesting and I know that is a unique thing to find interesting.

Also, not only does California have beaches, but it has deserts, mountains, lakes, forests, and so much more. Not only is it geologically diverse, but it’s topographically diverse. As someone who loves being outdoors, there is so much for me to do outdoors in California. I can go on hikes, go fishing (I should learn how to fish, but still), go to the beach, and do so much. To me this is so cool, and I could go exploring to what feels like a whole new world in a matter of hours through driving. I don’t know if there is any other state that I would have the ability to do that. That’s what is so cool about California.

Even beyond this, based on what I’ve watched on YouTube, read on social media, heard in music, and so on, California has a completely different culture than the East Coast and its culture varies as you move throughout California. California is one state and has the culture of 20 states, whereas the East Coast is filled with those different states. It’s mind-blowing to me. I want to live in a state where I can be in a different world each day if I choose to be in one. Also, this will help me expand my boundaries as I learn about each of the different cultures in California. Part of the reason why I want to travel the world in the first place is to experience different cultures and different aspects to the world. If I can get that in a state, that would save me a lot of money, quite a bit of time, and it blends itself more to the lifestyle that I want to live when I am older.

Tying into that, I am an ambitious person. I want to constantly being improving and progressing in some professional endeavor. Whether that’s through writing, teaching, or whatever else comes my way. In California, there’s a lot of possibility to pursue all of my professional endeavors and that is appealing to me for so many reasons. I like that and I like that I might never get bored. As a future teacher, that’s appealing to me because that means that it will probably be a better environment for me as a teacher. Whether that’s in pay, benefits, or something else it’s nice to have that in mind.

I can still manage to do all of this and have a family, be in a steady/stable environment. This is the biggest thing I want in life. I want to be a mom someday, and I want to raise kids of my own. As much as I want to have a career in some sort, I want to be a mom and California seems to be a place where I can live out all of my other dreams and this one.

With all of this in mind, I am not naïve, California is expensive to live in. California is far away from my family and I want to be close in proximity to my family. Also, it is a whole new world and as much as I want to explore it now, whether or not I would like it is something that I could determine once I experience it. Moving all the way across the country on a whim, is something that I would never do. I would need to be practical and logical about it. Unless there was an opportunity that I could not refuse like a full-ride to a master’s program in California, then I might never move out all the way to California. I can be a teacher anywhere, I can be a writer anywhere, but my family is one place and I love them too much to be all the way across the country from them. I love them too much to barely see them.

Yes, it would be a dream to live in California at least for a little bit. Whether or not that dream is realistic is another debate and question for another time. I have to live my life in the present and whatever opportunities come my way in the future, will come my way. If an opportunity to live in California comes my way, I will highly consider it because it’s something that I want to do someday. I don’t know if an opportunity like that ever will, but that’s the beautiful thing about life, you never know.

Wouldn't it be so cool to see this view everyday?

That was this blog post, and I will post again soon. Thanks for reading this! I hope you guys could relate to this on some type of level. Bye guys!

K DeBois

@dayswithdebois on Instagram

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