My Hopes And Dreams

One thing that I’ve never talked about are my hopes and dreams. I guess life has been so crazy that I never got a chance to sit down and think about them, yet alone write about them. I have a lot of hopes and dreams. Today, let’s talk about them.

One of my biggest dreams is to end up on The Today Show or any morning breakfast news show. Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamt about writing or starting something so iconic that it lands me a spot to be interviewed on The Today Show. I’ve always loved those segments and getting to know the authors behind books and why they wrote them. I was always fascinated about them, and now that I am writing a lot it is now a somewhat achievable-ish dream. I swear, if I ever get to be on The Today Show for some aspect of my writing, I will be on Cloud 9.

It is a dream of mine to travel everywhere possible. I want to travel within the United States see the beauty that is embedded within this country. I want to travel the world and see the beauty that is amongst the world. I want to document these travels and share my experiences. Traveling can change people and give people a more worldly outlook and it is one of my dreams to gain that.

I dream to be a mom someday and have a healthy and happy family someday. Ideally, I would have all boys, but I would be happy with all girls if that’s what is in the cards for me. Once again, a big reason why I started this blog is because I want to have an online archive of my journey into adulthood. That online archive is for my future kids because I think it’s a great way to show that I’ve been in their shoes once before and I can relate to them. Also, they can learn from me via my writing if they’re going through something and they don’t quite want to talk about it to me yet. My future kids can find a blog post about what they’re going through and boom, they can learn from my inevitable mistakes. It is my hope that they live their happiest lives and that they are successful. Do I want kids anytime soon? No, I still want to explore more of who I am right now so I can be the best mom possible.

Finally, I hope to change the world and live a fulfilling and happy life. There are a lot of injustices and cruel things in this world. I know that being a blogger and being a teacher, I can at least spread positivity, hope, and knowledge to combat those awful things in a small way. I hope that my message gets out to the world and creates a domino effect that will eventually lead to a greater change. I want to be happy while doing so because why not? That is my biggest hope.

K DeBois

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