My Journey To Becoming A Teacher: Being in a Classroom as a College Student

Wow, I cannot believe that in 2 years, I am going to become a teacher. That is so crazy, and my mind is blown right now. It’s an equally exciting and scary time for me because everything is becoming real. I remember being in high school like it was yesterday, soon I’ll be on the other end of things and conducting my own classroom. Right now, I am observing teachers teach in a high school environment and it’s really cool.

Part of being an education major is taking education classes. Some of them enable me to go to real classrooms with real students and see teachers in action. I am in my first class that gives me this amazing privilege and it is a cool experience. Observing teachers as a college student who’s possibly pursuing a career in this field is an experience that I am really lucky I get to have.

Recently, I’ve had doubts of whether or not I want to be a teacher. I have a lot of passions and interests. My doubts have made me unsure of my future and which path is right for me. Being a junior in college, I feel the pressure of having a game plan for my life. It’s why I am using all of my classes to help me figure out what I want to do. I am figuring out how I feel about my classes and which classes I naturally gravitate towards. This goes along with thinking about the classes that I am more willingly inclined to do work for and which classes I find a chore doing the work for.

One class that I find myself gravitating towards is my education class. One of the reasons why I am gravitating towards this class is because I get to go into schools and see a teacher in action. The big thing here is that I am with someone who is teaching in my subject area or in a class that is similar enough to my subject area.

Being in this environment was my wake-up call. It gave me the chance to be in a classroom not as a student, but as an observer. This was my first opportunity to see if I can even envision myself being in a teacher role in an actual classroom. It’s not just theoretical anymore and it has given me a lot of clarity.

First of all, I didn’t realize how much different it would be to not be a high school student in a high school classroom. I didn’t realize the effect being an “adult figure” in the room would have on my outlook at being in a classroom. Second, I wasn’t there to learn the content I was there to observe and learn how to be a teacher through direct experience. Third, I am more mature and experienced. I’ve had more experiences than the high schoolers so things that I think are the end of the world are different than what high schoolers may be going through. My outlook on the world is different. Finally, I am experiencing what a typical high school classroom may be like for a new teacher. My high school wasn’t the most diverse high school in the world and I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to interact with students who come from different backgrounds than me. I am getting that experience in college, but in high school it’s a different ballpark. Culture and subculture affect the way we learn; therefore, it’s going to affect the way I teach so I can become the most effective teacher possible. Dealing with students at different academic levels will affect the way I breakdown things and how many steps I break down these things too.

Furthermore, I’ve realized that as a teacher I am going to need to be able to adapt the same curriculum to students at different academic levels. Some of my future students are going to be more advanced than others. I can explain more complex concepts to these students, whereas with other students I have to keep it to the basics. It’s interesting to witness this and it hasn’t scared me away.

Being the classroom as a college student has been a great experience and I can actually envision myself doing this for the rest of my life. One of my students told me after knowing me for 5 seconds that they can see me being a science teacher. It was awesome hearing that because it made me a little bit more confident that I haven’t wasted my time or money pursuing my major in college.

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K DeBois

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