My Life Will Never Be "Instagram Perfect"

It’s no secret that I will post almost anything on my social media. So far I’ve posted a picture of me in groutfit, countless selfies, food, and none of them have filters on them. I am going to openly admit this, I do not care about filters on pictures. I will probably never use them.

Why? Frankly because I don’t find them to be realistic of life. At no point in life is there ever a filter. Life can be brutal, life can be amazing, and it can be somewhere in between. To me, our social media should be a realistic-ish look into our lives. That doesn’t mean spilling my deepest darkest secrets online. I don’t do that with most of my friends. However, that also doesn’t mean portraying that I am happy all of the time. I am not. I am a human with emotions and A LOT of them. I am far from perfect.

I want my Instagram to show as close to a realistic view of me and my life as possible. I don’t want it to be JUST the highlight reel. I want anyone who knows me to say that is Katie in a nutshell. I am a relatively open person. If you ask me a question, I’ll answer it appropriately. There was a point in my life where people would ask me how life is going, and I would is say it’s going. I refuse to be fake and pretend everything is okay, if it’s not. That’s exactly how I want my Instagram to be.

I will post when I have a huge zit on my face. I will post wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants. I will post wearing a groutfit (obviously). These are things that represent my every day life. Honestly, I don’t have a personal photographer and sometimes I want to take a picture for my Instagram, that means I have to get creative. When I say “creative”, I literally mean use the selfie timer on my phone at a good angle.

If I don’t want to post a picture of myself because I don’t look good or whatever reason, I will post what I am doing. I literally posted a picture of me doing my final paper for a class at Barnes and Noble. Definitely not the most “aesthetic” picture, but my life is far from “aesthetic”. My life is filled with events and most of them don’t fit into a pretty picture. Most of them are unique and out there, similar to how I am somedays. Sometimes my life has days where I am in bed all day doing nothing. Other days I am running errands, going to doctors appointments, picking up medicines (I have allergies). There are days where I pick up trash for a couple of hours and then do homework all day. It all depends on the day.

These things don’t blend into being Instagram Perfect. They show real life, and I am using my blog for my future self and future kids. I want it to be an online archive of my life. In the future, I want to be able to go back and be like “wow that’s what I was like as a junior in college. Crazy”. I don’t want to go back and question who I was because that’s not fun. My Instagram is the place to show the visual aspect of my life. Since my life is far from perfect, so will my Instagram.

K DeBois


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