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I am going to try something that I have never done before. In a matter of a few months, I am going to be leaving college and I will go off into the real world. I am writing this on November 24th, 2020. Today, I am going to be asking myself some questions. A year from the day, I am writing this I am going to fill in my answers and then share this blog post. These are questions that I have had for a while, and I have asked people who graduated, but instead of posting their answers I want to share my own with my own responses. I want to show how I’ve grown up, and how I have gone through the transition from my undergraduate experience into the real world so far.

1. How has it been since graduating from UD?

a. It’s been weird. I go from feelings of missing UD to being happy that I am free. I don’t know. I definitely miss a lot of people and memories, but so many people are just a text away it’s nice.

2. How often do you keep in touch with people from UD (including former professors)? Is it hard?

a. I keep in touch with my closest friends, like my support system on a consistent basis. As in almost daily if not weekly. I would love to keep in touch with my professors, but it’s so hard with working full time and being in grad school full time. As for other people, like rarely if ever but that’s fine because that’s life and they’re always a text away if something prompts me to think of them.

3. Have you made any new friends?

a. I think so. I hope so, but it’s a lot harder compared to doing it in college.

4. Where are you now? Are you in a new city?

a. I am in Upstate New York, so I am in a new city. Hence the challenge of making new friends while working and in grad school full time.

5. What has been the weirdest part about being in the “real world”?

a. Everything feels new and is such a big change. It’s so ahh.

6. Has anything surprised you about being in the “real world”?

a. Yeah a lot, but the biggest one is that people are so willing to help even if they barely know you. It’s a really nice feeling and I am not totally on my own.

7. What has been the most challenging part about being in the “real world”?

a. I think learning how to balance everything and doing everything in moderation. That includes budgeting, finding time for my mental health, and working at my job and in grad school.

8. How have you been keeping up your blog?

a. I have not. I am taking a little bit of a hiatus because I want to focus on my career and studies. Also, I want to live this time and not have to worry about documenting it for potentially the whole internet to see.

9. What is one lesson you have learned since graduating from UD?

a. To keep the group of people that I trust small. Not everyone needs to know about every detail in my life. There is nothing wrong with being private.

10. What has been your favorite part about the “real world”?

a. The independence for sure. I love making my decisions and following what I think is best for me. Even if it’s a mistake, then I will learn from it.

Those are the questions let’s see how I answer them in a year.

Kathryn DeBois

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