Taking That "Me" Time

I am pretty sure it’s hard to check social media or the internet right now without feeling some type of stress. Whether it’s about the pandemic never seeming to come to an end or other things. 2020 has been a rough year for everyone. I’ve found myself getting overwhelmed from it because of all of the stuff that has gone on in the media and in my personal life. That is why I now force myself to make time for myself, taking that “me” time.

I constantly joke about how my life is non-stop busy. I joke about how I always have a million things to do and not a million hours in the day to do all of them. When you’re a senior in college, like me, you always feel like you have something on your plate. Whether it’s a big project for a class, a big exam coming up, or applying to grad school or jobs. Those add a lot of pressure and might make you feel like you have no time left.

One thing I have learned is that those things will always be there. While it is important to get them done and not to procrastinate on them, it is also important to take the time for yourself. I am so bad at doing this, especially during the work week when I have homework assignments do, meetings, and other stuff going on.

Over the course of the past 2 weeks, I have been forcing myself to take that “me” time. Every day, I force myself to wake up early in the morning to go on a walk for at least an hour, then at the end of the day, I journal and meditate. Things that take up maybe 3 hours of my day, but they add so much value to my quality of life.

When I am doing these things, I am not paying attention to my phone. I am not worried about what’s going on with social media, and I am letting myself get to peace. I don’t typically answer texts unless it’s something that I have to respond to. It is such a calming experience and it realigns me. It makes me focus on what is important and it gets me through this stressful time. On the weekends when I have more time, I watch a movie by myself and I escape. Doing these things all help me temporarily escape for a little bit. I might have to set a reminder on my phone to do them and put them in my calendar, but it is worth it.

I can’t control the fact that I am a college senior during a pandemic and my future is oatn the forefront of my mind all of the time when the future is unpredictable. I can’t control how all of that mess will make me feel. I can’t control the fact that I am entering adulthood at what feels like a very fast rate. It’s just part of life.

However, what I can control is forcing myself to be present within the moment. I know that I am a competent human being who has the skills and strategies to get through this incredibly stressful time. I can do all of these things, and so can you (the reader.)

You might be in one of the most stressful and challenging times of your life so far. Just know, that it will get better. Life will always get better. There will always be a sunrise in the morning, even after the darkest and stormiest nights. You might feel like you have a million things on your plate and that you can’t take a break, but here’s the thing you can. You can take an hour or so to yourself to escape. Get all of those thoughts of your head for a little bit and go into a piece of paradise. Journal, go on a walk, meditate, bake, paint, work out, I don’t know do whatever helps you escape. It will decrease your stress and increase your happiness. The work will still be there, and your mental health matters more. Not only will you do better on your work, but you will be happier as well.

Kathryn DeBois

@dayswithdebois on Instagram

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