The Time I Got Stitches

Does anyone remember writing short stories about themselves in elementary school? Only me, well okay. I always wrote about one thing and that was the time I got stitches right above my left eye in the 2nd grade. Today, I find the story incredibly funny and I want to share my recollection of the event nearly 14 years later (wow I am old). For the sake of clarity, the minor details of this story might be a bit skewed because it was so long ago.

One fateful day on in November, my second-grade teacher made us read books. At the time, I hated reading and would rather do literally anything else other than reading. I would rather eat gross foods like mushrooms, squash, or any vegetable. I ended finding a book about Tom Brady and I read it. After that book, I became a Tom Brady and Patriots fan because I thought he was the coolest dude alive. (This will become relevant later on in the story.)

A few days later, I got sick at school and was sent home by the nurse. When I got home, my nanny made me take a shower to help myself feel better. My house was big at the time, so to make sure I was safe she waited out in the hall for me to get done. In my bathroom, I had a shower-bathtub combination. I was in the shower and I put on my shampoo. My brilliant 7-year-old self decides it would be a smart idea to start dancing in the shower. Maybe half a second later, I fall and hit my head on the side of the tub. I start crying hysterically, and my nanny races into my bathroom and sees that I’ve fallen. She immediately steps into superhero mode and tells me to put my hand on my head. Then she pulls out my red power-ranger shirt, black sweatpants with blue stripes down the side of my legs and tells me to put it on. We race downstairs and I put an ice pack on my head.

This is the part where it gets muddled because I am not sure if we went to my pediatrician’s office first or we just called them. Point is, we ended up going to the emergency room because the doctor said that I needed stitches. I have no idea where my brother is at this point, my mom said that he was with my nanny and I the entire time, but I don’t remember that. Regardless, we are now in the emergency room waiting for me to get my stitches. My mom meets us after racing from somewhere important. My nanny leaves the hospital. As we were waiting and me being the outgoing kid, I’ve always been and not believing in “stranger danger” when with a parent, I start talking to the lady next to us. She tells me about the time she got stitches and how it’s not that painful. I remember thinking she was accident-prone because it looks like she’s had a ton of experience being in the emergency room.

I digress, after waiting for a while my mom and I get called into the doctor. The doctor tells me that I am going to need 10 stitches, and my accident was pretty serious. If I had hit my head anywhere else, it could’ve been an entirely different story in a bad way. I needed stitches right above my eye on my eyebrow line. The doctor tells me it’s going to hurt, and that I cannot cry. If I feel any pain, I should hold onto my mom’s hand really tightly. I did just that and I did not cry. The doctor and my mom were shocked because usually, kids cry when they get stitches on their eyebrows. Apparently, when they gave me stitches, they had to shave off my left eye-brow. It makes sense, BUT that also means that I’ve technically had a unibrow twice in my life. One time when I was 7 because I had stitches and another time when I was in 8th and 9th grade because I didn’t know that I was supposed to tweeze the middle part between my eyebrows, and nobody told me. I find that to be funny.

Anyways, my mom and I left the emergency room and on the car ride home, my mom tells me that I did such a good job in the emergency room. I asked her if I could get 5 big presents. She tells me yes, and I was so excited because that meant that I could get a Tom Brady jersey. Being the tomboy, I was at the time, I was so excited.

In the next few days, I got special treatment from everyone and it was glorious. My elementary school had a carnival the next day, but I couldn’t go so my brother felt bad and brought me back cotton candy and popcorn. When I came back to school the following Monday, everyone was obsessed with my eye and all of the different colors it was turning. Then the next weekend, I got a Tom Brady jersey from Sports Authority and it was literally a dress on me until I was 13 years old. Yes, I was a Patriots fan from New York for 7 years don’t come for me, I am now a New York Giants fan.

I could embarrass myself further with this story, but I am going to end it here. This blog post was long and filled with tangents, but I hope you guys liked it. It was fun to write in a different style and try something new. It’s different than the stuff I typically write about.

Come back on August 15th for a blog post that will be one of my favorites ever!

K DeBois

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