To My Friends From College


We graduated. It’s been a little bit weird, and to be honest it still hasn’t quite sunk it yet. There is still this part of me that feels like we are going to go back in August and have another year at UD. That isn’t the case. By that time I will be near the start of my job, and I will be in the midst of my grad school classes.

We are embarking on our next chapter in life. Outside of being an alum of UD, I have no real connection or ties to Delaware. It’s different than graduating high school and going off to college. High school is home, I will always have friends or family near home. I feel that college on the other hand is different there isn’t that tie.

You guys have meant the world to me these past four or so years. I went through a lot in college. All of you have helped me through it in some type of way. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I mean one of you makes the BEST cheesecake in the world. All of you manage to inspire me to be a better person. I still remember the funniest stories or the random things I would say that made you guys laugh. I remember the weird things we would do or our random inside jokes that make no sense to anyone else, but somehow mean the world to us. This isn’t the end of our friendship, it’s just a new era of it.

It might feel different now that we can’t all walk to each other’s houses, but life changes all of the time. People move away from each other all of the time. The cool part about this pandemic is that it has shown us how we can keep in touch without physically seeing each other all of the time. There is the video calling websites, there is text message, Spotify playlists, Tik Tok, and all of these other apps. There are so many ways to keep in touch without physically being present. I know keeping in touch will be hard. Life can get chaotic, and it’s hard to text people if they’re not in your immediate orbit. There will be some weeks where we text a lot and there will be weeks where we might not text or talk at all. That’s okay that is part of life. Someday we will see each other and text again. I will scrummage up the money to make a little vacay to see you guys and pretend we’re back in the days of undergrad. Even beyond that know, I will always have your back and I will always be a call or text away.

To all of my college friends, you know but in case you forgot, I love yah. I always will.



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