Writing Is My Therapy

If there is anything to know about me, it’s that I love to write and I could spend all of my time writing in my room. Writing is my therapy. I genuinely love writing as it calms me down and forces me to put everything into perspective. Writing gives me an outlet and I feel that I am invincible while doing it.

It’s kind of crazy how I got into writing because it’s wasn’t always like this. I never saw myself pursuing anything English related growing up. Now I write and run 3 blogs, it’s insane how life can take unexpected turns.

I got into writing because of one night where I couldn’t sleep because of the events that happened the previous day and I didn’t want to text it out to one of my friends. I found a red spiral notebook and I wrote a page-long journal entry. The next week, I felt this need to do it again and I wrote about my entire week. As I wrote in my journal more and more frequently, I found writing to be my outlet. I’ve found this love and appreciation for the craft of writing. Me starting my journal led to be a better writer in all aspects. I started journaling during my senior year of high school and I got my highest grade in English that year. My teacher raved about the growth I had as a writer and I loved the recognition. It cracked open a new door for me and it kept me in love with writing. I hope that teacher comes across this blog because I thank and accredit her for introducing and motivating me to do one of my passions. I could go on for hours about how teachers could be so influential and maybe I’ll write about them in the future.

I digress, but that event was a terrible event, but it led to the greatest things in my life. That event led me to find my love for writing, which led me to writing a full rough draft of a novel, to want to write for Odyssey and become a famous writer. Today, I am Editor in Chief for Odyssey at University of Delaware. Kind of crazy, considering 2 years prior to that event happening I was a terrible writer.

I’ve written so much over these past few years, I’ve gotten As in all of my classes that were paper-based and I’ve found confidence in a skill I was insecure about. I’ve found something that I am good at, and it feels amazing. Especially since over this past year writing has become my form of therapy. Every week, I force myself to sit down and journal to my future self at least once a week. I talk about everything and it’s my secret outlet. Nobody but me will ever read them and it is amazing.

I am the type of person to bottle things up because I want to portray that I am this upbeat, positive person when everything in life is going great. It’s when life doesn’t go great that I can find this outlet and talk to something. I can get those feelings out of my brain and feel good afterwards. I process things when they don’t go my way or when I need to make a hard decision. Writing provides that clarity. Never in a million years did my younger self ever see this happening, but clearly everything happens for a reason.

All of this leads me to this blog, I hope to grow as a person and as a writer through this blog. I don’t know what life has in store for me. I do know that I will be sharing most of it with this blog because while it would be nice that this blog gets a million views, but that’s not the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is for me to look back on with my future family and to share what I’ve learned with the world. I hope to change the world and I don’t know if that will be through teaching or through writing, but I am going to try out both avenues. Honestly if this blog gets 5 views a week, I’d be happy because I am doing this out of my love for writing, not my thirst for fame. There are millions of writers that are 10 times better than me and all of them deserve to be famous.

Yeah, that’s it. I love writing. I love how I can turn a thought that I get in the shower into a blog post. I love how I can reflect on my life and learn from it. I love how I can ramble on and nobody can tell me to shut up because I am writing out my ramble. It’s crazy, but it’s the best kind of crazy. It’s nice to be passionate about something that I will be able to do for the rest of my life.

What are you guys passionate about? What do you love to do? Let me know in the comments on my most recent Instagram Post (@daywithdebois) and thank you for reading this post about why I love to write. If you want to see what I am up to on a more frequent-ish basis, then check out @dayswithdebois on Twitter and Instagram. I try to be active on those platforms a bit more. I will post when I post next and I hope you guys come back to read more. Bye friends!

K DeBois

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